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Download the Sketchnote tale about the 8 Steps to change

Based on the Model of John Kotter of organizational Change

12 + Sketchnotes (one for each step and one summary note)

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Start the transformation with the HeartMath program. The scientifically-proven solution for building resilience, enhancing emotional regulation, and improving collaboration. Backed by 20 years of research, the easy-to-apply tools can help you regulate your emotions ‘in the moment’ and achieve better results.

Psychological safety is fundamental to creating inclusive environments that promote learning and innovation in today’s fast-paced business world. Our expert team offers customized assessments, training programs, and coaching services to enhance employee well-being and promote psychological safety. By investing in a psychologically safe workplace, you can encourage open communication, risk-taking, and innovation, leading to increased productivity and better results.


Applied neuroscience offers powerful insights into how our brain and body work together. By understanding these mechanisms, we can unlock our full potential and make the most of our resources.

Our customizable neuroscience-based programs are designed to help you and your team improve both professionally and personally in specific areas, such as habit formation, motivation, goal-setting, communication, empathy, feedback, and leadership. 

Do you have specfic needs?

Read my article about Neuroscience and organizational change

Strengthen your team’s bonds and enjoy a fun and relaxed atmosphere with our unique team building experiences.

Our team activities use art and sketching as a medium of expression, allowing your team to engage in creative expression while building stronger connections with each other. Our events can range from just a few hours to a full day, and can be held either online or on-site.

Our team building experiences are fully customizable and can be combined with other programs to enhance the benefits for your team.

Choose our one-of-a-kind experiences for your next team building event and see the benefits of enhanced teamwork, communication, and collaboration.


How do we change? Experience the science behind change and transformation individually and /or professionally.

Introduction to the program “Change your Mind…Create new results”.

Date: July 28th, 2022,  7pm-8pm CEST

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