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Do you ask yourself why you sometimes lack clarity or motivation? Or maybe, do you feel sometimes that you are missing out on something? Especially in the face of changes or disruption the voice of these questions resonates louder.

No one knows all the answers and part of life is the ability to adapt intelligently to our environment, and this is where coaching can be a very useful partner in this process. 

I believe in coaching because it:

  • gives you the possibility of tapping into resources that already exist within you making goal achievment more effective.
  • allows you to be more objective and less biased.
  • guides you to set clear goals and sustain change in a structured process.


In coaching I like to use a holistic approach: we look not only to the cognitive side but also other components like the emotional component or health aspect.

I am an empathetic coach with good natural listening skills and a wide repertoire of tools. Therefore we can choose what is best for you  individually according to your situation.


The design of the coaching process follows a neuroscience based approach. In this way, learning, habit creation and change is more effective and lasting. The reason is because this way matches how our brain processes goals, motivation or change.

We start with an initial behavioral analysis to identify your natural tendencies. According to you your specific situation we define how we will work together.

After that we clarify your objectives and how we will move forward through the process, for example handling resitance or obstacles.

Who is eligible?

  •  Individuals going through personal or professional challenges that are ready for a change
  • Professionals, leaders and managers responsible for change processes in their organisations




Goal identification, action planning and development. Habits and accountability tools to drive sustained change. Individualized professional assessment


3 and 6 month programs. Weekly or bi-weekly sessions at your pace, virtually.


Support via email, messenger or phone as required (up to 1hr/month). Coaching in english, german or spanish

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