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"Change your Mind - Create New Results"

„Actively shaping change: The NeuroChangeSolutions course for individuals, teams and organizations, developed by Dr. Joe Dispenza. Take your future into your own hands“.

What is "Change your Mind - Create New Results" about?

The NeuroChangeSolutions course, developed by Dr. Joe Dispenza, enables people, teams and organizations to take change into their own hands and actively shape their future.

Many people want to change, but don’t know how. They are also trapped in an environment that demands ever greater adaptability, which leads to stress and dissatisfaction. The result: resignation, demotivation and a lack of energy.

The program “Change your Mind, Create new Results” helps us to understand ourselves better so that we know what we need to do to adapt and change intelligently.

Find out what you are capable of!

You are more than you think!

Every year, large investments are made in training that do not achieve the expected results.

One of the reasons for this is that they are based on teaching very specific knowledge and skills, but do not cover the roots of behavioral change that are necessary to achieve satisfactory results in the long term.

While it is important that employees are well trained, it is far more important that they are committed, loyal and cooperative. In addition, there is a growing demand for soft skills such as empathy, a sense of purpose, resilience and creativity.

The “Change your Minds, Create new Results” course instead deals with the physiological and neurological foundations of behavioral change in an amazingly simple and convincing way.

A top manager at Switzerland’s largest bank said after the course:

“We receive several high-quality trainings every year from the best trainers and consultants in the world. They are all interesting because they teach us certain skills. But “Think Different, Create New” was the first training ever that taught us who we are and how we can change that. It’s the best training we’ve ever had. Genius!”

This program, based on the science of change, will help you create conscious and meaningful results in your life.

People ask me the following questions all the time: What does it really mean to change? Why is it so difficult to change? And what makes this program unique?

Normally we try to change external circumstances, don’t we? The special thing about Dr. Joe Dispenza’s course “Think Different, Create New” is that you will realize that true change starts on the inside.

We look at change in a completely new way.

At a time when people are looking for evidence and demanding scientific foundations, we combine neuroscientific models of change with practical tools in a straightforward way to create lasting change in people and organizations.

There are many things in our environment that we cannot change, but we can choose how they affect us and how we adapt to them. You will learn to be more relaxed, motivated and creative, even in stressful situations.

You will learn to take responsibility for your own behavior and to control it in a targeted way in order to become happier, more resilient, more relaxed, more empathetic and more efficient.

The combination of sound scientific knowledge, a clearly structured step-by-step process and practical exercises enables participants to experience their own change in a short space of time.

The process can also be wonderfully transferred to organizations and teams, as the same principles apply as for people.

You learn...

  • How your thoughts, actions and feelings influence the results you achieve in life.
  • How your brain and body work together to create lasting change and achieve new results.
  • 4 simple but highly effective tools you can use in your everyday life to become the person you really want to be.
  • How to seamlessly transfer the knowledge to your personal situation through the practical application of the activities and exercises.
  • That you have the power to choose who you really want to be as a leader in your organization and in your personal life.

"Change your Mind - Create New Results"
An NCS program developed by
Dr. Joe Dispenza

Experience Dr. Joe Dispenza’s open course “Change your Mind – Create New Results”, a NeuroChangeSolutions.

16 hours full of aha-experiences, knowledge, exercises and exchange that can change your life. Your trainer Maria Luisa Engels is looking forward to meeting you!

"The future depends on what we do in the present."

What participants say:

"I attended Maria Luisa's course "Thinking differently, creating something new" with her online during COVID. Her personal engagement and knowledge made it as personal as face to face. It was an inspiring trigger that not only helped me to affirm my leadership style but also to make some bold decisions, both personally and in my career. "
"I meet Maria Luisa Engels at a workshop In the summer of 2023 - and was so impressed by her charisma and message that I decided to start the course. It also suited my personal situation of reorientation very well. Maria Luisa's appreciative guidance was and is extremely helpful for me in rethinking my old thinking, feelings and behavior and achieving changes. Thank you very much!
Ich habe gelernt, dass es nicht stimmt, dass wir uns nicht ändern können oder dass es zu spät ist, sich zu ändern. Neue neuronale Verbindungen können geschaffen werden, und jeder kann es, wenn er den Willen und die Ausdauer dazu hat.“
„This is a very useful course; I really enjoyed it. First, to know how to change your mindset und then how to put it in motion. Now I feel that it is possible to change your unconscious behaviors. Maria-Luisa was super informative and engaged. She brought the content to life. “
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Your Dr. Joe Dispenza Trainer
Maria Luisa Engels

As a coach, trainer, consultant, lecturer and artist, Maria Luisa has been supporting individuals and companies in personal transformation processes since 2015. Her in-depth knowledge of practical neuroscience, empathy and intuition make her the ideal companion for you and your team on your personal journey of discovery. You will learn how to unleash what is within you for a more fulfilling life.

Who is Dr. Joe Dispenza?

Dr. Joe Dispenza, is an internationally acclaimed speaker and New York Times bestselling author, Doctor of Chiropractic and a pioneer in neuroscience-based personal development. As founder of the consulting firm NeuroChangeSolutions (NCS), he helps people, teams and organizations adapt to the challenges of our time and thrive.

With his extensive knowledge of neurology, neuroscience and other relevant disciplines, Dr. Joe Dispenza believes that everyone has the innate biological and neurological ability to change and shape their future.

Millions of people in more than 36 countries have already been positively influenced by his teachings on neuroscience and meditation. They show in an comprehensive way how our perception works and that it is possible to successfully change our way of thinking.

Dr. Joe Dispenza's Work

Dr. Joe Dispenza’s method is a multi-layered learning and change system based on neuroscience and physiology. The starting point is that our environment and the experiences we have had have shaped the way we think, act and feel. This leaves an anatomical imprint on our brain and body through neuroplasticity, which has made us who we are today. We get used to it and this way of thinking, acting and feeling becomes automatic and unconscious. We feel dissatisfied without knowing why, and it seems impossible to get out of this situation.

Dr. Joe Dispenza shows us that it is biologically possible to change deeply ingrained behaviors and replace them with more beneficial ones. The brain is neuroplastic and trained to imagine future scenarios that help us gain clarity about our goals and mentally “rehearse” our future. At the same time, the method contributes to emotional regulation and stress reduction, as stress is an obstacle to the creative state necessary for conscious change.

Dispenza's model impresses with its scientific basis, its simplicity and its depth. And it works!!

Dr. Joe Dispenza and Neurochangesolutions

Dr. Joe has conducted numerous on-site workshops for companies and executives interested in neuroscience to improve collaboration, engagement, creativity and innovation, among other things.

Out of this interest, the consulting firm NeuroChangeSolutions (NCS) was founded more than 14 years ago, whose consultants bring the program “Change your Mind, Create New Results” and the content and methods of Dr. Joe Dispenza to people.

NCS aims to change organizations from the inside out. The course was later extended to individuals. Today, the course is also open to anyone who is interested in personal change.

The most important premise is that the culture of an organization is made up of the people who work in it. Often change programs don’t work because they are imposed and don’t align with the way our minds and bodies process change. The result is resistance to change, poor working environments and stress that builds up on top of normal stress.

The “Change your Mind, Create New Results” course is therefore the missing link that helps people understand themselves and serves as the foundation for the success of any other program that requires behavior change.

We know that large-scale change is only possible when behavioral change is sustained and simultaneous. That’s why we start at the individual level and work in groups or teams to implement the desired changes in a coordinated and simultaneous way.

“Think differently, create something new” has already been successfully implemented in companies such as Cisco, Sony, Fresenius Medical Care, Coca-Cola, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, USAID, Rackspace, Microsoft, Pfizer and Heineken

The NCS trainers who have undergone the strict application, selection and certification process are personally trained and certified by Dr. Joe Dispenza. This makes them the only officially recognized trainers who are allowed to teach Dr. Joe Dispenza’s methods.

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