Welcome to my Sketchnotes.

Do you want to learn about business and current topics like leadership, psychological safety, personal development, or emotional intelligence in a different and creative way?

Sketchnotes are the perfect solution!

As a digital Sketchnoter, I specialize in visually capturing complex ideas and concepts related to business and current events.

Through my designs, I can help people understand complicated concepts in a simpler, more attractive way.

My Sketchnotes are not only informative, but also aesthetically pleasing, making them perfect for sharing on social media, presentations, or even as office decor.

In addition, I offer custom digital Sketchnotes. If you need a unique and visual way to present your business, book, or project, I can help you create a design that effectively communicates your message in a clear and attractive way.

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Introducing my Sketchnotes serie of 9 Ebooks: a tool for professional and personal development. The HD visual summaries come with thoughtful complementary texts and a complete reference list to support the content. These are the topics:
  • Work life and personal development,
  • Leadership,
  • Communication,
  • Change,
  • Culture,
  • Emotional Intelligence and Resilience,
  • Teamwork,
  • Bias and Decision Making and
  • New Work.

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