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Change Your Mind – Create New Results

Boost your professional and personal performance and create lasting change. Trainer Maria Luisa Engels will guide you through a process that can bring about significant change. Discover Dr. Joe Dispenza's groundbreaking program and learn the key to successful personal transformation!

The ticket to your personal development. Personally developed and officially certified by Dr. Joe Dispenza.":

Change Your Mind – Create New Results

In today’s world of increasing speed and complexity, we must learn to adapt and actively initiate sustainable change. The central question is how we can change our mindset to enable long-term transformation.

This program is based on Dr. Joe Dispenza’s 35+ years of research in neuroscience, biology and epigenetics. His models enable conscious, desirable and sustainable change.

Certified Dr. Joe Dispenza Trainer Maria Luisa Engels

In this course, I will show you how you can use your thoughts in a targeted way to achieve your goals. I have been an officially certified trainer of NeuroChangeSolutions (NCS) since 2020 and have a sound education in neuroscience as well as experience in the methodology of Dr. Joe Dispenza.

How it works

Learn the basics of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work and how to apply it to your specific situation in 16 hours. The program is conducted on-site or online.

Follow-up Process

A 30-day follow-up process actively supports your change to enable positive developments on a personal and professional level.

Learn practical and quick tools

The course is very practice-oriented. You will receive four tools that you can use immediately to implement what you have learned effectively from day one.

Why do ourthoughts play such a crucial role?

Our thoughts create reality.

What we often think becomes automatic habits of positive or negative behavior.

Negative thoughts such as worry activate negative emotions that can become chronic and shape our way of being. To intentionally change ourselves, it is necessary to consciously change our thinking and create new, more positive habits.

Dr. Joe Dispenza’s methods show you that this is entirely possible by teaching you how your brain and body work together.

Why is Dr. Joe Dispenza's course unique?

This course gets to the roots of behavior change.

The easy-to-understand fundamentals of neuroscience and physiology, along with a hands-on format of videos, workbook and exercises, make it easy to initiate the desired change.

The 30-day follow-up process allows the change to solidify and become permanent

The 'Change Your Mind, Create new Results' course teaches you: ...

  • How your brain works and why it is important for change.
  • How your brain changes your perception.
  • The mind-body connection and the chemistry of emotional dependency.
  • How your personality creates your personal reality.
  • What habits are, how to end negative habits and create new positive ones.
  • The biology of stress and how to transform it.
  • The role of stress in change processes and the different types of stress and the personal factors that activate it.
  • How you can use emotional regulation tools specifically in change processes.
  • About your three brains that enable you to move from thinking to acting and being.
  • What brainwaves are and their function, why it is important to understand them and learn to change them to the optimal state that allows us to make changes.
  • How to move from being a victim of your environment to a creator of your own future
  • How to set intentions and goals for yourself and your organization to become more productive, purposeful and creative.
  • How to create new neural pathways to activate new potential using neuroscience techniques
  • How to physically reshape your brain through your thinking to become more resilient, creative and collaborative.

Wo am I?

Maria Luisa Engels, your Dr. Joe Dispenza certified trainer in Hessen and Spain

What makes me special:

  • Certified and personally trained by Dr. Joe Dispenza.
  • Very empathic and with a solid foundation in neuroscience.
  • Trilingual: Spanish (mother tongue), German and English.
  • The only certified trainer in the Frankfurt am Main region and the only one in Spain.
  • More than 80 seminars as trainer and facilitator with over 600 successful and happy participants.
  • Dr. Dispenza Advanced Student since 2016.

Maria Luisa Engels | NCS Certified Consultant

I have known the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza since 2016 and have studied his four books. Previously, I had experimented with other models of change, but I felt they lacked a scientific basis to understand what I was doing and guide the process of change and personal transformation more effectively.

Dr. Joe Dispenza works fills the gap and it represants what I was looking for, so it was with great enthusiasm that I got certified as an official trainer in 2020, just a month before the lockdown.

Since then, it has given me nothing but joy to bring this work to people who are ready for change. Not only on the level of what participants achieve on the outside, but also on the level of the kind of people they become in the process.

If you feel that changes are coming in your life and you are looking for new perspectives, then I would be delighted if we could walk this path together.

Feel free to contact me without obligation or write to me to find out more. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

What participants say:

„Maria Luisa is articulate, insightful and passionate. I attended the "Change Your Mind, Create New Results" course in 2021. Her personal commitment and knowledge made it as personal as face to face. The experience with Maria is not just a person to person exchange but truly heart to heart and that is the key she uses to facilitate your personal growth."
In the summer of 2023, I was able to meet Maria Luisa Engels at a workshop - and was so impressed by her charisma and message that I decided to start the "Change Your Mind, Create New Results" program with her. It also suited my personal situation of reorientation very well. Maria Luisa's appreciative guidance was and is extremely helpful for me in rethinking my old thinking, feelings and behavior and making changes. These changes are within me and thanks to Maria Luisa's questions and valuable suggestions, I am able to follow this path. Thank you very much! Maria Luisa's appreciative guidance was and is extremely helpful for me in rethinking my old thoughts, feelings and behavior and achieving changes. Thank you very much!
„My change has helped me to communicate and make decisions more effectively in difficult and urgent situations, which is important when leading a team or dealing with a large group of stakeholders.„
„The most valuable for me was taking the time to find out what are the main issues that bother me and realizing there is a scientific approach to solving them.
“The course has changed my perspective on things in life, it has been a great help. I often think that time is very tight and that this kind of training is not relevant to business, so I prioritize other things. But I have to admit that taking part helped me a lot. I learned a lot and there was a big change in my routine.”
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How do you benefit from Dr. Joe Dispenza Course?:

Effective process

I will guide you through a well-structured, multi-stage learning process that will enable you to continue working independently once you have integrated the model.


Mini groups of 4-8 participants ensure very individual guidance.


The process, the methods and the tools empower you to shape change sustainably and to tackle new changes.

Clarity and Focus

You gain clarity about what you want, what you don't want and what limits you, and develop strategies to achieve your goals.

Promotes Health

The course can help you regulate stress and negative emotions, be more present and contribute to a healthier quality of life.

Personal and professional development

The course can lead you to positive developments in both your personal and professional life.

Scientifically based

The scientific basis enables you to understand what you are doing and why at all times. This motivates and empowers you to shape change.

Holistic approach

The course considers the connection between body, mind and emotions as a continuum. It is unique because it combines physical and emotional change.

What are your personal advantages?

  • Greater motivation and commitment
  • Greater clarity of goals
    Overall greater satisfaction and gratitude for life
  • More resilience and less stress
  • More focus and higher productivity
  • Faster decision-making ability, better intuition
  • Increased awareness of the impact we have on others
  • Improvement in general state of health
  • Improved empathy and listening skills

Companies benefit especially from:

  • Improved problem-solving skills and creativity
  • Fewer conflicts and more harmony in relationships
  • More resilience and less stress
  • Better cohesion and agility in teams
  • Better and more effective communication
  • Faster decision-making
  • Increased assertiveness
  • Improved empathy and listening skills

Start your journey now!

Upcoming courses

Don't wait any longer and start the change with "Change Your Mind, Create New Results": The roadmap to your personal upgrade.

What can you expect in this course?

“Change Your Mind – Create New Results” facilitates the practical application of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s methods in your daily personal and professional life in order to master change with confidence. It is therefore very suitable for beginners as well as for people who are already familiar with Dr. Dispenza’s methods.

The course, based on Dr. Joe Dispenza’s many years of research and experience, guides you step-by-step through changing your thinking. 

In 16 flexible hours, you will learn methods and concepts to bring about lasting change, regardless of your individual or professional situation.

When you attend this event, we ask you to bring your biggest challenges and habits that you want to change. In this course you will learn how to change your thinking to effectively lead yourself or your teams to success.

The course is very useful both for those who are new to the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza and for advanced learners who have already read his books or attended other courses.

The course has a unique approach as it teaches how to apply the method in daily life and is therefore a good complement to his other programs.

And this is what you can expect in “New Thinking – New Creation”:

  • Five groundbreaking chapters that build on each other.
  • A workbook with over 80 pages.
  • An exercise book (“30 days to genius”) with 90 pages.
  • Two life-changing meditations, exclusively available in the course.
  • +10 videos in which Dr. Joe Dispenza explains the most important concepts.
  • As an added bonus, you will receive the audio files of these videos to continue your personal development.
  • Sustainability process to anchor the results permanently. 30-day follow-up phase and ongoing support via email or messenger.
  • Group coaching during the 30-day follow-up phase.

„The most difficult thing about change is not making the same decisions as the day before.“

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